Our Mission

The Voice of the Mixed Generation

In the near future, everyone will be a part of the Mixed Experience.

The world is a shrinking place. We now have immediate contact with people of different cultures and ethnicities with the touch of a finger. In this environment, the world is becoming increasingly:




This will usher in a new era:

The Mixed Generation

The Blended Future Project is an online media company dedicated to empowering this Mixed Experience with stories about culture, people and perspective.

We are the online home to find:

  • A community
  • A documented experience
  • A resource

You will find the tools you need to feel comfortable in your identity. To hear the experiences of those who are also living this experience. And you will gain the skills to tell your own story.

This is will be a collective effort, as this is ultimately the story of our humanity.

Reach out and become part of The Blended Future Project.