THE Mission


In the near future, everyone will be a part of the Mixed Experience.

The world is a shrinking place. We now have immediate contact with people of different cultures and ethnicities with the touch of a finger. In this environment, the world is becoming increasingly:




This will usher in a new era:

The Mixed Generation

The gatekeepers of the global media are still operating in the traditional way. The way that believes we need their permission in order to have our voice heard.

The Blended Future Project is a online media agency created by Maris Lidaka – a seasoned veteran of the entertainment industry with over 20 years of experience. He is dedicate to bringing the Mixed Experience to the forefront of popular culture by giving everyone the tools they need to build their own media platforms.

Because the people themselves are the best advocates for their own stories.

All of the tools are now at the touch of your fingers and Maris will teach you how to use them to full effect.

Reach out to Maris and become part of The Blended Future Project.