The Mission

The Blended Future Project is an online media company that empowers the Mixed Experience with stories about culture, people and perspective.

We are dismantling the story of race. The idea that one person was superior than another based upon the color of their skin. This social construct was used as means to categorize, distract and disenfranchise the many in order to build the wealth and power of the few.

A lie that still perpetuates every aspect of American society and blinds us from seeing the humanity of each other. It’s no surprise then, that there’s been an continual and violent backlash against those who branded as “mixing among races”. Because it would reveal the truth – that we’re not so different after all. 

It was with these thoughts in mind that The Blended Future Project began.

An online home to find:

  • A community
  • A documented experience
  • A resource

You will find the tools you need to feel comfortable in your identity. You will hear the stories of those who haven’t had their voices heard.

This is will be a collective effort, as this is ultimately the story of our humanity. Reach out and become part of The Blended Future Project.

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