MAM Labs

Welcome to the first annual MAM Labs! We are pleased to be working with you on not only getting feedback on your scripts. But also helping you take that next step to seeing your creation become a finished work.

Should you need it, the link to log in is HERE.

Please make sure your camera is turned on and you are in a quiet space where we can work for approximately 6-7 hours. We recommend having a printed copy of our script, or the ability to take notes on your piece on a digital device.


9:00 AM – Welcome

We will begin the day by getting to know each other. Everyone will introduce themselves briefly and give a brief pitch of their project.

10:00 AM-12:00 PM – Workshop

We will begin the workshop by the Moderators giving general feedback on each script. We will then read aloud the first act of each piece (roughly 30 pages), stopping along the way for feedback and suggestions on changes.

12:00 PM – BREAK

12:30PM – Special panel

We will be joined by two writers – Helenna Santos and Elaine Loh who will give an overview of their personal journeys in the industry as well as advice on taking the next step in your careers.

1:30 PM – Writing Hour

We will spend an hour writing. Think about the suggestions made, the feedback given, and take this time to begin making changes to improve your piece.

2:30 PM – Final Review

This time we will spend reviewing the changes made as well as any additional questions. This is also the time where we will review what the next steps are for your piece and begin formulating an actionable plan on moving your work ahead.

Should you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to reach out to either of the moderators:

Maris Lidaka

Lauren Lola

We look forward to meeting you this Sunday and seeing these great works come to life!