A Multicultural Festival

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The Blended Future Project presents a special event on January 16th, 2021.


Re-Mixed is an online festival featuring speakers, focus groups, music, and arts, to build a foundation for a multicultural community.

This online festival will feature a series of talks from key speakers spanning over three different countries (US, UK, Germany).

Speaker Schedule (all times PST)

9:00 am – Festival opens

9:30 am – Beth Chin

Creating the Space for Change

10:00 am – British with a Dash

A LIVE PODCAST |  Sharing Experiences and Discussing Thought-Provoking Topics Through the Lens of More Than One Cultural Identity in the UK.

11:00 am – Nadine Nicole

The Power of Using Your Heritages in a Globalized World.

12:00 pm – Lesli Mitchell, MASC

Growing Up Mixed in an All Black Los Angeles Community in Los Angeles, and Expressing it Through Art.

1:00 pm – Alissa Paris

Staying grounded while navigating tensions connected to a mixed past, present and future.

2:00 pm – Dr. Jennifer Noble

A Roadmap to Finding and Understanding Your Mixed Race Self.

3:00 pm – Maris Lidaka & Evelyn Lorena

Creating the Representation You Wish to See.

4:00 pm – Sonia Kang, MASC

WORKSHOP – The Intersection of Culture and Career

5:00 pm – Farzana Nayani

Nurturing Your Multiracial Inner Child

Group Discussions

Rooms will be open during the entire event to discuss anything covered by a speaker and more.

When engaging in discussion, please remember these rules:

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Give others time to speak
  3. Any hateful, racist, mysoginistic or anti-LGBTQ speech will result in immediate removal from the event.

Music Schedule

12:30 pm – Blue Moon

1:30 pm – Father Iconic

2:30 pm – Philipp Michalski

3:30 pm – Sorah & Intare

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