Fight The Little Fear

This originally appeared on the website newsletter. But I thought this might be more helpful to everyone.

I write this to you sitting in my house where my wife and I are self-quarantining for the near future. We are fortunate that our jobs can be done from home. We have plenty of food and water. We are blessed in that regard.

But all around us now, you can sense the fear that is rising. Fear of the virus that’s making its way around the world. Fear of what this will mean for our future. Fear of the unknown.

It’s that fear that will ultimately make things worse. Fear comes from ignorance, which is simply the lack of knowledge. And what we don’t know makes us act rashly.

To try and gain back control, some people circulate untruths to calm themselves. And unfortunately, fears of those who are other are making their way around. I’ve heard of attacks against anyone thought to be Chinese to the blatant lie that this disease won’t affect anyone who has dark skin. Fear begets lies begets rash actions and beliefs that endanger us all. And this fear can even be seen from our Commander In Chief, who labeled it the Wuhan virus.

We all have our own fears to face in these next few weeks. And the only we will overcome is to face it together. For every story of crisis and fear, there is another of love and sacrifice. In Italy, they are suffering through a great ordeal. But still found a way to maintain a sense fo community by singing and dancing in their balconies.

I’ll still be here while we make our way through this new reality. Sending my perspective in the hope that it will help you feel empowered and motivated. Because we’ll need that empowered for the road ahead.

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