The Power of Media

For years, we’ve been told the story that there is one way of being. What we think of as normal, the default, is White. The people we’ve been told to admire, the heroes that we see on screen, have by and large conformed to that standard.

But the world is changing.

Those who have been told they are in the minority are realizing that they are in fact part of the global majority. And as our societies become more connected. The old stories are losing their value which is causing a tremendous amount of fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of change.

Fear of a loss of self-worth by those told the fable that they were the standard they needed to be measured up to.

And with that fear comes hatred, which can often lead to violence.

It was those emotions that were galvanized into the 2016 election. We had witnessed the beginnings of a changing society and votes were cast to turn back the clock. Even though it was far too late.

It was in the aftermath of that moment when I heard my own personal call to action. As Maya Angelou said, “This is the time when artists go to work.”

And the path to create the biggest change is simple:


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I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, in all mediums, as a storyteller. I’ve seen how to use the power of media firsthand. In the past, access to these tools was in the hands of the few. It required massive investments of capital and also the permission of those who controlled where it would be seen to get your story in front of the public. 

But now those barriers have been broken down. The tools can be purchased for little to nothing and access to your story is only a click away.

Storytelling is the way that we get in touch with our human nature. And media is the most effective language that we can use to communicate story. We have heard cries and lectures about police and racial justice. And for every speech given and book written, nothing is as powerful and accessible as media. 

One video running 8 minutes and 46 seconds of a man having his oxygen taking away on the streets of Minnesota helped the world to understand the oppression of Black and brown people in America. We saw the story of the life and death of a man in front of our eyes and we that his cries were our very own. And we achieved a little bit of understanding for the people who have been told they don’t matter.

All that is missing is the knowledge how it all comes together. And they have never been closer for anyone to grasp.

As our world blends together, we need the tools of media to create the foundation for a better future.

We need all of us to show how the future is bright when all of us can share our story.

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