Two Vital Lessons for Mixed Creators

In this vibrant community of mixed creators, each of you brings a tapestry of unique perspectives, shaped by rich cultural backgrounds and personal experiences.

Together, we embark on a creative journey filled with possibilities. This week, let’s address two significant missteps I’ve seen from many a creator:

1 – the hesitation to talk about personal identity

2- Trying to cram all of their experiences into a single piece.

Let’s explore these pitfalls and provide guidance on overcoming these hurdles.


Your personal identity is a superpower that sets you apart as a multicultural creator. It holds the key to unlocking the true potential of your creative work. Your background, heritage, and lived experiences shape a unique lens through which you view the world. By authentically expressing this perspective, you have the power to create art that resonates deeply and touches the hearts of others.

However, there’s often a hesitation to share certain aspects of our identity or experiences. We fear judgment or being perceived in a certain way. Balancing authenticity and privacy is crucial. Remember that your triumphs and failures serve as lessons for someone else. While there will always be those who judge, it is essential to remember that you are here to set an example and inspire others.

Embrace your personal identity, understanding that sharing your story can impact and empower those who connect with your work.


Once you have made the decision to share your story. Do it gradually and selectively. While the initial fear may give way to excitement and a desire to be completely open. Bombarding your audience with too much can be overwhelming.

Instead, consider your creative journey as a lifelong exploration. Your body of work offers a canvas to delve into various themes and experiences over time. Rather than trying to encompass every detail in a single piece. Use selective storytelling to unveil the depths of your experiences, one thread at a time.

This approach is not about withholding parts of your story. It’s about guiding your audience through a gradual revelation, inviting them to accompany you on a journey of discovery. Your body of work becomes a collection of puzzle pieces, engaging your audience to uncover the profound messages and insights you wish to share.


Remember, you have an entire lifetime to shape your narrative. Each piece of your work can seamlessly lead into another, building upon the themes and experiences you choose to explore. Embrace the art of selective storytelling, allowing your audience to connect deeply with your work and leaving a lasting impact.

With each step you take in embracing your personal identity and employing selective storytelling, you unlock new dimensions of creativity. Let your unique voice and experiences shape your creative legacy as you inspire others and contribute to an even better creative landscape.

Keep creating, keep sharing, and keep shining.

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